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Orthodontic Services In Austin, TX

Orthodontic treatment enhances smile aesthetics and allows for greater ease with at-home hygiene. At Excel Dental, Dr. El Hage provides traditional and tray-based orthodontics to help patients throughout Sunset Valley and the surrounding communities within Austin achieve straighter smiles. 

Why Orthodontics?

While straight teeth have aesthetic appeal, orthodontic treatment can also lead to better long-term oral health. Ideal dental alignment creates appropriate spacing between teeth limiting the chances of decay developing in places that were once hard to reach by brushing and flossing.

Optimal bite alignment achieved through orthodontics also limits the risk of temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMD), which can cause unnatural wear on teeth and joints.

Traditional Orthodontics

Every patient at our Austin practice is treated with the unique and tailored care they deserve. While some patients begin orthodontic treatment as young as nine, our team only suggests traditional braces and other orthodontic care if it is right for your smile. We use traditional metal braces for many of our patients, especially those with more severe bite and alignment problems that include:

- Overbite
- Underbite
- Crossbite
- Crowding
- Spacing Issues

Traditional braces are ideal for younger patients, as appliances are bonded and do not need to be removed for meals and hygiene. Metal braces can also be individualized with the use of colorful bands. 

Dr. El Hage provides oral appliances and spacers for phase I orthodontics patients. When used prior to, or in concert with, traditional metal braces, these appliances can expand the jaw, allowing for greater space and comfortable teeth realignment. For certain patients, early orthodontic treatment can even mean minimized treatment with braces later in life.

Invisalign® Clear Aligners

Our Austin dentist is also an Invisalign® preferred provider. This orthodontic treatment includes aligner trays that are molded from durable thermoplastic using digital impressions of your bite.. Designed to comfortably rest on your teeth, this treatment is nearly invisible when worn, and does not compromise your smile’s natural appeal. Each tray is worn for a period of two weeks, and gradually creates improved alignment.

Dr. El Hage has used this treatment for years and has seen success in teen and adult patients that exhibit mild to moderate malocclusion, crowding, and spacing problems.

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If you are looking for braces for your child, or are interested in clear orthodontics through Invisalign, contact Excel Dental today. Dr. El Hage and our team help patients throughout Sunset Valley, Oak Hill, Westgate, and the communities within Austin, TX to achieve beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.


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