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Same Day Crowns

Same Day Crowns In Austin, TX

Porcelain crowns are ideal when looking to restore health and stability to a tooth that is experiencing decay or damage. In an effort to provide patients of Sunset Valley, Oak Hill, Westgate, and the communities within Austin with durable and natural looking crowns in a timely manner, Dr. Eli El Hage offers same day crowns through with the use of CEREC®.

What is CEREC®?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, or CEREC® is method used to provide patients with crowns that are natural looking, durable, and effective, without having to make multiple appointments for impressions and placement.

Patients looking for a same day crown will have digital impressions made of their tooth using our CAD/CAM imaging technologies at Excel Dental. These images provide our Austin dentist with the information he needs to fabricate crowns designed to comfortably fit your smile, and provide it to you within the same appointment.

Placing Same Day Restorations

CEREC® crowns are placed the same as traditional crowns. Dr. El Hage removes decayed tissue from the structure of your tooth, ensuring the long term health of the root and pulp. Once it has been shaped, your crown will be created to fit the tooth, matching not only your bite and the surrounding teeth, but shade-matched to the rest of your smile as well. The crown is then fabricated based on your smile’s unique shape and needs, and hardened using a small porcelain oven. The ceramic cap is then adhered to your tooth, providing it with the additional support needed for a comfortable bite and an aesthetic smile.

The ceramic material used to create our same day crowns are not only able to blend with natural teeth, but provide patients with the durability to function normally. Dental ceramic also never stains, making a bright smile easier to maintain for teeth previously affected by decay. However, because ceramic cannot be bleached, patients often undergo teeth whitening prior to crown placement, creating a uniformly bright smile.

Contact Excel Dental Today

If you are in need of a crown, but don’t want to go through the process of booking multiple dental appointments for impressions and placement, contact Dr. El Hage and our team at Excel Dental today. We provide same day crowns to patients throughout Sunset Valley, and the surrounding communities throughout Austin.


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